Good job today, everyone! Keep up the hard work :) Recommended practice time for everyone is 15mins this week. See below for your homework suggestions:


-Kites in the Sky — practice hands together (pay attention to when the LH is supposed cross over the RH) and remember to follow the finger numbers on the second page when you’re playing the scale all the way up the keyboard
-This is the link to the sheet music. I hope it works this time! You only need to print the first 2 pages for now!


-Grumpy Old Troll — practice this for one more week, focusing on steady rhythms! Make sure you’re not rushing through the quarter beats
-Russian Sailor Dance — practice hands together, remembering that sharps stay sharp for the whole bar


-Suitor’s Song — keep practicing, especially watching out for the rhythm in bar 16, and 20
-Canon — practice our new counting (4 beats per whole note)
-Surprise Symphony — practice as well, and watch out for the bars with some of the trickier notes (bar 9 — B and G in RH), (bar 10— D G C G in LH), (bar 13 make sure LH plays all 3 quarter notes)


-Theory: pg 20 #1, 3
-Imperial March: practice hands together
-keep practicing your other pieces as well!

I hope you all have a nice week and a good long weekend!