Hi everyone! Sorry for the delay in getting this out to you this week. Hope you’ve all been managing a bit of practice anyway. Here is just a reminder of this week’s goals, as well as some new music for some of you.

I have now created Google Drive folders for all of you, so when I add music for you, I’ll be putting it into the same folder.


-practice Forest Drums
-Here are some new Christmas tunes for you. I picked 3, you only need to print one to start this week.


-practice Jazzy Joe and Shepherd’s Song


-keep working on Trumpet Concerto, especially watching out for the staccatos
-You can find a copy of Silent Night here. I’m still working on finding a good level of Jingle Bells.


-Minuet — focus in on the first two lines
-Practice Let it Snow, hands separately

See you all soon!