Hello Everybody!

This is an important update regarding Kasia and Katie.

Kasia has decided to leave the ABC team. The departure is fully amicable, and based on family-first considerations that we support wholeheartedly.

Katie, who has been filling in for Kasia, has been offered a full-time opportunity for 2021 which, given the uncertainty 2020 has brought, is a no-brainer for her to accept. She will be taking a leave of absence during this time, and returning in January 2022, barring any further developments.

This is a bit of a challenging time of year to recruit, but we are moving as quickly as possible to maintain the stability and quality that you expect from us. We regret that you will have two teacher changes this year, which is atypical, but that seems to be the defining quality of 2020!

As always, the new teacher(s) will be fully briefed on what your students are doing so that the transition and direction will be as seamless as possible, and that the direction of learning will continue in the same growth-oriented direction that it has been up to now.

We’d like to invite your input on what you are looking for in a teacher.

Feel free to call us in the next 5 days and let us know what kinds of things you are looking for, or have really enjoyed with Kasia and Katie, and we will add those to our consideration with new candidates. 416-651-7529.

Thank you for your understanding and support!