Merry whatever, y’all!!!  Remember, this school break is a great time to practice, so please, make use of it!!


Great lesson, today!  Remember, a ‘rhythm mistake’ is just as bad as getting the wrong note.  In fact, it’s worse!  So, keeping a steady tempo, always looking a few notes ahead to see what’s coming up to give yourself time to prepare.  Look and KNOW what the note is BEFORE looking at its fingering.


You go, girl!!!  Moving to the rhythm as you play keeps the tempo steady, and you’re doing it.  Whenever you’re unsure of what the notes coming are, DO NOT forget to stop moving to the rhythm.  Slow the tempo down, but keep it steady as you figure out that section of the piece.


If you were doing your exam in December, and I was your adjudicator, I’d give you around 82/100.   It’s HOW you articulate the notes/move to the rhythm that determines the success/beauty of a piece.  Keep it up.  Looking forward to the new year!!