Great lessons today, again, guys!  Now, put the free-time you have in the holidays to piano practice, and in 2018 we will be rollin’ along!


I am really impressed with your increased focus and determination with piano and your musicality this year, Maz.  Remember, the dance your body does as you articulate effects the range of sounds you can generate, just as much as your fingers/P.A. can.  I will assign you a couple NEW songs Monday that you can try over the holidays.


Got a little teary-eyed in the lesson, but I admired your determination to slug it through what we working on today.  Where there’s a will.. Master your old songs over the holidays — now that you will have the time — then attempt the 2 new songs assigned, H.S.


Great improvement pinning the string to the fingerboard with left fingers from last week, Leah!!  The squeegee ball helps, so please continue squeezing it.  Remember to ALWAYS keep your left hand in CLAW-like formation, fingers walking from string to string (transferring your arm weight), like a spider walking.


Using the metronome, practice ‘Grouch’ in slow motion, being aware of/listening to the SOUND you’re articulating — especially notes occurring on strong beats — to make sure they 1.  Sound good, and 2. Are appropriate to the context/story of the phrase.  As musicians, we want to be aware of/listening to make sure the 1. Rhythmic pulse of the song is always heard (correctly) and 2. the Story is told in the best way possible.