Hi all!


Great last week of lessons before the break!

Mia:  Great work this week!  We’ve covered a lot of material in the last few weeks, so we’re going to catch up on theory – pages 8 – 14.  Position C, Just a Second and Christopher Columbus are are new this week to keep you occupied over the holidays!  These pieces all use the grand staff, remember to keep reading left to right, and the treble clef and bass clef are running simultaneously! 10 – 15 minutes a day.


Vivian:  Keep working on feeling comfortable with chords with two hands like E major.  We worked on L.O.V.E today, which had a bunch of new chords – A7, G7, Ami7, D major.  Enjoy working with those new sounds and adding them to your repertoire!

Daniel:  Montuno magic!  I’ve sent a link to you with many, many montunos for you to learn.  There are many YouTube tutorials as well that will show you the mechanics of building a montuno.  Great last lesson before a hiatus!

Paula:  Working on Let it Go.  Double check the rhythm of the words – sometimes you want to put words slightly earlier or later than they actually arrive.  Use the recording as a guide!

Olivia:  Working on I Know it’s Today.  Be meticulous with your consonants – make sure we hear them all.  Also, be careful to keep your [t] sound unvoiced and your [d] voiced, so we can hear the difference.  Go ahead and learn the rest of the tune this week.  We also added a new exercise, it’s on your mother’s phone – Hung-ah.  Make sure that when you open to the [a] vowel, that you stay on the same pitch you were singing through the ng!

Arjean:  Good work on My Funny Valentine.  We spent time working on diphthongs – find and circle all the diphthongs in the text!  I uploaded the lip trill exercise to the Dropbox account for you to use, keep working on the technical exercise, but make sure to make time for musical PLAY during the holidays!  Have fun!  15 – 20 minutes a day.