Excellent job with “Who’s on Third”! Work on measures 7-8 and measure 4 especially. Just remember to watch your rhythms – that your quarter notes always get one beat, and your half notes get two. “Mexican Hat Dance” was also excellent – be confident when it’s time for the skips, because you did them correctly so many times today! Watch out especially for the skips in measure 3 and measure 7 (there is only one in each of those two measures). When you remember exactly when there are skips or steps, it will help you out a lot. “More About Intervals” is a great way to practice this – remember that 2nds are steps, and 3rds are skips.


Very good work again this week and I’m glad we got to start on your second book! Keep practicing the A Minor scales, both harmonic and melodic (remember harmonic gets a raised 7th and melodic has a raised 6th and 7th only on the way up). Also practice your G Major Scale for next week. “Sonatina” is great – just remember to keep the same tempo in the second section, and also to remember the F-Sharps in that section. “When Our Band Goes Marching By” was also great. To remember the rests that happen often on the first beat, practice by playing just the right hand and counting at the same time like we did today. It really made a big difference very quickly! Hand separate practice could also help. For your new piece in the new book (sorry, I forgot the name of it!), just remember to keep paying attention to the rhythms (when are there eighth notes, and when are there quarter notes?) Also remember to switch to middle D position in the middle section.