Though a little off practice today/this past week, your can-do attitude was great, as always. Remember to engage your core ALWAYS while playing, and to move to the rhythm (in the right way) on the strong beats as you play.

Minutes to practice: 45 per day.
What to practice: The exercises marked with today’s date in your study book.
How to practice it most effectively: Analyze and execute correctly one bar at a time, and then two bars at a time, three bars, and so on.


Awesome job, again, today, Chloe!!! Can’t wait to see how your performance goes at your first recital. Keep up the good work!!!

Minutes to practice: 30 (or more) per day.
What to practice: The songs marked in your book with today’s date.
How to practice it most effectively: Engaging your core as you move to the strong beats in the best way (F&B, S-S, or a mixture of the two)!
How parents can support practice: Praise Chloe’s progress. She’s progressing very rapidly.



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