It was wonderful working with you all this week! Good work. See you in two weeks.


  1. Practice all major modes and their 7th arpeggios transposed to C. Practice along to a metronome at a reasonable tempo and work up.
  2. Continue Galper #26
  3. Work on Galper #27, #28.


  1. continue Eb and A major scales along to the metronome at 60bpm. Practice legato tongued (tenuto) on the way up and staccato (detached) on the way down.
  2. Moonglow:
    • Check out some recordings of the melody on Youtube
    • Practice grace note approach from D# to E on its own: practice in front of a mirror, starting with long notes and working shorter.
    • Work on the rhythms of the tricky bars with a metronome at 120 bpm. Remember, both start on the upbeat of one; wait for one, and come in right after.
  3. Check out the Galper Clarinet Method.


  1. Continue legato tongued Eb major scale, two octaves up and down.
  2. Continue Sherele
    • make sure to play short notes very short, with a tongue stop.
    • Isolate triplets at bar 18 and practice along to a metronome at 50 bpm, slowly moving up in tempo.
  3. Blue Monk
    • Practice arpeggiating all chords along to the playalong (one octave) for Blue Monk on iRealB Pro (or a Bb blues playalong on youtube).
    • Try playing certain notes an octave up as the first octave becomes easier.