Dearest Maria it was a pleasure meeting you!

Please make sure you don’t practice with pancake fingers at home! We want your fingers to get good exercise so they get stronger and faster :) In GET AWAY you’re great at doing the staccato when you’re thinking about it! I’ve noticed you get your fingers right off the piano, that’s great, please remember to practice that way. If you practice the sections with staccato for just 2 minutes most days, it’ll be second nature. The last three bars of the piece: crescendo quite suddenly into the second last bar, decrescendo quite suddenly into the last bar. The last two chords should be quiet. The piece will sound more interesting that way!


Wonderful to meet you Vitoria, you obviously have natural talent and love for the piano, this is wonderful.

Please purchase Alfred Basic Piano Library Lesson Book Level 1A for your next lesson.

Check your fingers and quiz yourself on their numbers throughout the week! Remember the keys follow the alphabet a through g over and over again. Notice how there are lots of c’s on the piano, can you find them all?


It was a pleasure meeting you Ethan, I hope you enjoyed your first lesson and maybe I’ll have the joy of teaching you for a while longer!


Great playing Ava, I love your hand position on the keyboard, good habits to keep up! We talked about wrist motion, remember? in Tiger, Tiger, move from note to note by moving your wrists more than your whole arm. Keep your fingers round, but your wrists flexible, not stiff.

Pick a song you love to sing that feels easy for you for next week! If you need any help or suggestions, I wrote down my email in your journal.