Great ‘reboot’ lessons for you two!  Now, all you have to do is the p-word (PRACTICE;)!!!


Remember, the focus of attention that music requires from the moment BEFORE you play until the last key you articulate is the same amount you exercise when you bat or dunk a ball playing sports.  But, this level of required attention can and must be organized ~ first, concentrate on how you are going to make the BEST SOUND POSSIBLE before you strike the first key of each phrase, then continue in this manner for every key on EVERY STRONG BEAT after that until you come to the end of the phrase, and then make sure the end of the phrase sounds good, too (NEVER rush ends of phrases). Being IN CONTROL OF THE RHYTHM is key, for how you control the tempo, and any variations in it (rubato) tells a story, and telling a good story is the whole point.

Minutes to practice: 45 minutes per day.
What to practice: The pieces listed in your notebook.
How to practice it most effectively: Refer to the notes in your notebook.
How parents can support practice: Make sure Mazin finds the time to practice and keep him accountable!


Glad you are back!!  Remember, the bow arm is the sound producer, so make sure you first grip the string before pulling or pushing (down or up bow).  We want to draw out the sound from the string, not skim along it.  And, practice the ‘fan’ hand form L.H. exercises I showed you with pizzicato in order to train your left hand to ALWAYS maintain that form (until 4th position).  Practice the book exercises with bow until you come to a difficult left hand spot, then practice the left hand with pizzicato until you’re able to play that section with ease, THEN play the section with bow.

Minutes to practice: 60 minutes per day.
What to practice: The exercises I assigned before your hiatus.
How to practice it most effectively: As described above.





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