Another great round of lesson, guys.  Now, practice whole-heartedly to make progress!!


The above goes for you, Maz.  I know you’re busy, but your progress is really tied to how much, and HOW you practice.  Be patient with yourself when learning!!  MIND and CONTROL THE RHYTHM.  Be exact in the timing in your head and BODY MOVEMENT, and be precise with following the correct articulation.


WOW, WOW, WOW!!!  Read hands together today, just like that!!  Remember to keep your wrists HIGH, articulating the keys on your fingerTIPS, and moving your body to a rhythm as you play.  Continue what we went over in your book last week, and don’t be afraid to attempt exercises in the book beyond where we left off.  GOOD JOB, KINGSLEY!!!


Last lesson for now, I am going to miss you, Jiwon!!  Practice the strides you made in the last few months as much as you can before you go to Cuba, and then find a cello and teacher there as soon as you can, so you retain and build on what you learned with me.  Remember to pull, push and change the bow at a steady speed!


Good lesson today, not enough practice this past week!  Please put the same attention into HOW you articulate melodic keys as when you sing every syllable of a song!   The principles of music are the same no matter which instrument you play.  Also, be exact with the written rhythm, notes and fingerings on the page.