Remember the ‘3-legged stool’ of music!  1.  Rhythm (the dance you do while playing)  2.  Lyricism (HOW you tell the story of the song you’re playing)  3.  the Sound you produce when articulating the keys.


You’re challenging yourself.  I like that!!  You are also practicing with determination, and the results are showing!  I like this even more.  Keep it up!!!


A better lesson this week.  Please repeat the sayings for the lines and spaces of the treble and bass clefs (always from bottom to top) at least 3 times per week – Treble lines: Every Good Boy Deserves Fun;  Bass lines: Good Boys Deserve Fun Always; Treble spaces: F A C E; Bass spaces: All Cows Eat Grass.


Practice challenge!  30 minutes per day on the weekends, and at least 15 minutes per weekdays.  Find the time!  Because, if you don’t practice, your progress will not only be stunted, but you may lose the good abilities you’ve learned thus far!


Subdivisions!!!  Listen to the sound you produce when articulating TWICE whatever the time value the piece is counted in, in order to make sure the SOUND you’re producing MATCHES both the rhythm you’re moving to, melodic line you’re imagining (LYRICISM).  For example, if the piece’s time signature is in quarter counts, then for every melodic note, monitor/pay attention to the sound for every 8th count.  The ‘3-legged stool’!!