Here are the homework posts for this week.


-Continue to work on the classical guitar scale exercises from the previous week. Watch both left hand and right hand technique. Both are essential to gaining good tone. Will take a look at Segovia Scales next week.

-Study the notes I made regarding guitar sheet music and note range of the guitar. This will make ledger line reading easier to grasp for future guitar pieces.

-Look at notes on the E and B string. Practice seeing the notes linearly on a single string. This will prove very useful when developing self-accompaniment vocabulary.

-Chords: Practice the shell chord voicings Fmaj7, Gmin7 and C7. Practice playing them in that progression using a fingerstyle right hand technique. Focus on plucking only the three strings that are required for the chord.

-Some Brazillian artists to check out: Guinga, Jobim, Luciana Souza (all easily accessible via YouTube).