Great effort today, Pianist Prodigies!  Now, sustain that effort, and PRACTICE, please! :)


I thought you knew how to read music better.  (From bottom to top) ~ ‘Every – Good – Boy – Deserves – Fudge’ for the lines of the treble clef; ‘Good – Boys – Deserve – Fudge – Always’ for the lines of the bass clef; ‘All – Cows – Eat – Grass’ for the spaces of the bass clef; ‘F – A – C – E’ for the spaces of the treble clef!


Excellent work, as always.  Keep it up!


Remember to use your timer set for 20 minutes each day when practicing!  And, don’t forget to focus on your newer songs!


Lift those fingers after you play a note, and curve EVERY knuckle!  Also, try to match the melodic rhythm of your songs… and, PRACTICE! :D