Great job today, guys!  See homework for this week below.


Always ever-progressing, Brigitte!!  Onto navigating the left hand and bow at the same time now, across all of the strings!  Remember to retract your left hand fingers all the way when coming off strings, and to ‘draw the sound out’ of the string with the bow as you MOVE to the rhythm!

Minutes to practice: 45 per day.
What to practice:  The pages I noted in your book this week.
How to practice it most effectively:  As described above.


Much improvement on playing the correct rhythm in ‘Chanson’, Maz!  Keep it up!!  Also, good practice in the duet.  It won’t be ready by the Dec. 2 recital, but should be by the one next May!!  And, please try to practice 1 hour per day so that we can have an hour lesson each week!  Teaching you is sooo fun!!!

Minutes to practice: 60 per day.
What to practice:  The songs listed in your notebook.
How to practice it most effectively:  As described in your notebook.
How parents can support practice:  Make sure Maz finds the time to practice 1 hour per day!


Please practice the ‘note-naming game’ at the start of your practice EACH DAY.  Then, practice each of the photocopied pages with ‘Nov 10’ noted.  Make sure you get a good-sounding tone from each key that you strike — ALWAYS keep your hand in the form of a CLAW, with fingers CURVED!!!

Minutes to practice: 30 per day.
What to practice:  As described above.
How to practice it most effectively:  As described above.
How parents can support practice:  Please purchase Piano Adventures Primer Level this week, and sit in with Jabari as much as you can to make sure he is focusing on the task at hand!  Also, bring a notebook for me to write notes for you guys to read over before practicing, and for me to keep track of what we did the previous week.


Excellent lesson and progress this past week, Michael.  I am so happy that you are taking piano seriously and are willing and determined ‘to do what it takes’ to challenge your playing apparatus (from bottom to fingertips) and mind to make the changes necessary to make music!!

Minutes to practice: 30 per day.
What to practice:  The pieces noted with ‘Nov. 10’ in Piano Adventures Level 1 Lesson Book.  As well, look through the adult Piano Adventures book as you like!  Any questions you’re unsure in the book, let me know next week!
How to practice it most effectively: Flexible wrists, retracting curved fingers high off the keys before articulating on strong beats.


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