Practice warm-ups 5-10min each day. Practice the following songs:
“Somewhere over the rainbow” (key of Bb) – focus on exaggerating vowels and getting enough breath support to carry those nice long phrases
“Yellow Brick Road” – listen to the recording and familiarize with the phrasing/flow. Try out the chorus and again, exaggerate vowels and let the sound release (imagine the rainbow!)

Practice warm-ups 5-10 min/day. Listen to “Make you feel my love” & “When we were young” and choose which one you like better! We can start working on one of them next week :)
Keep practicing “Almost is never enough.” Play around with improvising (different oo’s and ah’s) for the one free verse. So far it’s sounding great!

Try playing the different groups of black keys (2 or 3) using the 2, 3, and 4 fingers (on each hand). Also, listen to “Count on me” & “Yellow Submarine” & “What does the fox say” :)

Practice singing “It’s only getting better” along with the recording and also acapella (by yourself without the music). We will keep practicing it next week with the piano. Remember to use your diaphragm to get a strong voice and lots of breath!

Practice “One day” – when you’re singing the high part in the chorus try to keep your jaw loose to get nice long vowels and lots of air flow! Sing with or in front of a friend if you can!



-Have a lovely week!