Another round of excellent lessons today, y’all!!  See this week’s homework below ~


Please, be patient with yourself!!!  Cello is not an easy instrument to learn.  I am ensuring you have a good foundation so that you will be making a good sound ASAP, if you diligently practice!!  Remember to constantly be in MOTION with an ENGAGED CORE as you play.

Minutes to practice: 45 per day.
What to practice: The exercises marked with today’s date.
How to practice it most effectively: Sustaining (‘plastering’) the bow’s sound the entire bow stroke, retracting the fingers when they come off the string, and always keeping an ‘anchor’ to the fingerboard/neck as you articulate and cross strings.


Good on you to take on preparing ‘Ceremony of Peace’ as well as ‘Chanson’ for the December recital, just two weeks away!!  You can do it!!!

Minutes to practice: 60 per day?
What to practice: As per written in your notebook.
How to practice it most effectively: As described in your notebook.
How parents can support practice: Please encourage Maz to practice 60 minutes per day.  We could definitely use a 60 minutes lesson now.


Best lesson yet, today!!!  You focused and put in great effort.  I was able to teach you something!!  Now, please repeat what we did in the lesson today, in the same way, for each practice session you do from now on.

Minutes to practice: 30 per day.
What to practice:  The exercises marked with today’s date.
How to practice it most effectively: Keeping your hands in the form of a CLAW, striking keys as if they are bells.
How parents can support practice:  Please buy Piano Adventures Primer Level, bring a notebook to every lesson, and sit in with Jabari at least once per week to make sure he’s practicing properly!


Another fantastic lesson.  I am so happy that you are taking learning the piano seriously, and are practicing diligently!!  Definite improvement has been apparent from week to week!!

Minutes to practice: 45 (or more) per day.
What to practice: The songs marked with today’s date.
How to practice it most effectively:  As I described and demonstrated in the lesson.  Please bring a notebook from now on for me to write music/pianistic technical principles in!