Casey Ann,

Warm up : C major , C minor, D major, D minor, G flat  major and A flat major scales , 2 octaves , hands together

In progress : Bach – Invention no 8 in F major, work in sections, keep the beat evenly

New : Chopin – Polonaise in G minor , 1st page hands together, watch for B flat and E flat

(practice time : 20 minutes a day)



Warm up : C , D, E, G ,A, B major scales, hands separately and together , 1 octave

In progress : Spanish Dance , work in sections , make sure to have smooth transitions between changing hand positions, also remember dynamic changes on the repeats

Review : Fur Elise (by memory)


(practice time : 10 -15 minutes a day)



Warm up: C major and G major scales, hands separately and hands together , 1 octave

In progress : Forest drums – sounds great! make sure to keep your beat evenly, remember dynamic changes

New : Row row row your boat , high C position (right hand)

Jazzy Joe – watch for syncopated rhythms

Theory : page 41


(practice time : 10 -15 minutes a day)



Warm up : C , G, and D major scales , hands together , in parallel and contrary motion

In progress : Fandango , watch for smooth transitions, remember dynamic changes (in repeats)

New : Village dance , left hand chord changes C major/ F minor

Theory : Broken and solid chords , root position


(practice time : 15 minutes a day)



Warm up : C, G, D major scales , hands together  and hands separately, 1 octave

In progress : Horseback riding, watch for position changes D minor/ F major, get both hands ready, count your beat 1, 2, 3

New : Jumping Rope , right hand in 6th interval, keep your wrist relaxed

(practice time : 15 minutes a day)



Warm up : C , G, D major scales , hands separately and hands together, 1 octave

In progress : Silver Skates , keep your beat evenly, watch for A sharp in the left hand last line)

New : Deck the Halls , C position, memorize the melody (right hand)


(practice time : 10 – 15 minutes a day)











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