Lovely meeting and teaching you all, subbing for David!!  Remember the 3 steps to learn anything: 1.  Engage core.  2.  In slow motion, move your body to the rhythm of the piece you’re about to play 3.  Get ready to play, conduct yourself in, then play!  Please review what we worked on in the lessons this week, as stated below.


Practice Mary had a little lamb piano in Kids Primer pg 4 – 7 – legato 2nd to 3rd finger walk back and forth, as well fingers 1 -2 -3.  Think of hands as 5-legged spiders walking from note to note — legato — any note that’s different should be connected.  And, always a good posture/engaged tummy muscles while playing.


Read and follow notes on the page of Supercalafragil… as you practice it this week, using the ‘3 steps to learn anything’!


As you improvise this week, explore the ‘5-legged spider’ finger legato technique (walking from key to key.  Move with your body at the same time (following the ‘3 steps to learn anything’) to tell an interesting and powerful story through the sounds you make!!


While reviewing what you and David have been working on, explore your hand grips’ ‘5-legged spider’ walk (legato) and various finger articulations, listening for the sound each finger articulation makes and how they, together, also shape the scales.  Remember the ‘3 steps to learn anything’, and the importance of moving and what your hand/claws do on strong beats!