Focus on your left hand articulation over the next two weeks.  Remember to ‘attack the string’ with your fingers when they come down, and to retract them (so that you can hear them pluck the string) when they come off.  And, focus on playing 100% in tune!  You can do it!!!  Practice all of the exercises pizzicato first before playing with the bow.

Minutes to practice: 45 per day.  (Really, try to if you have time!  You will see exponential results if you do.)
What to practice: The exercises we covered today.
How to practice it most effectively: As described above.


Oy ve, Maz.  Only one practice session this whole week?  Not a recipe for improvement.  And, HOW you practice is more important than the time you spend practicing (though achieving both quality and length of practice per week will make you a piano superstar).  Please practice tomorrow (Sunday, Nov. 25) in place of playing on your electronic devices, as well as much as you can throughout the week — if you want to be proud of your performance at the recital Dec. 2.

Minutes to practice: 45 per day.
What to practice: Chanson and Ceremony of Peace, mainly this week.
How to practice it most effectively: Focusing on playing EVERY melodic note with INTENT (making it beautiful and meaningful in the phrase), anticipating on the sheet music (and in your memory) what is coming up next.
How parents can support practice:  Please make sure Maz practice as stated above this week.


Excellent work this week and behavior in your lesson today, Jabari!!!  Good job.  Now that you have your book, practice from page 19 – ‘Old MacDonald’, making sure you’re connecting the sound from every note that’s different (‘walking’ from key to key), so that there is no break in the sound.  And, make sure to play the correct rhythm (length of time your finger is on the key) and at a STEADY TEMPO (speed).

Minutes to practice: 30 per day.
What to practice: As above.
How to practice it most effectively: As above.
How parents can support practice: Check in with Jabari, even sitting in with him for a few full 30 minute practice sessions until his practice sessions always are FOCUSED and productive!!