Hello Fellow Persevere-ers!!!

Great lessons this week.  I think we all made great insights and progress into our piano playing.


What can I say?  You’re super talented, but talent doesn’t mean a thing unless one practices.  You can do it!  My father made me practice at least 30 mins per day when I was your age, and after awhile when I and others started to see how fast I progressed, I didn’t need to be ‘forced’ to do it anymore ~ I wanted to!


Well, my dear sir, I think ~ I ~ made a breakthrough today.  You’re also very talented, but in a relatively unique way as to most others.  You need and want to follow your own path, that of the creative, ‘no rules and regulations’ type.  So, from now on I will encourage you to ‘improvise’, to come up with your own music and ‘free-flowing’ way of learning music and the piano.  Good on you for holding to your guns!


What a breakthrough we had today, for me, especially!  I discovered the source of your frustration these past 2 weeks (the alternative notes and fingerings for scales), and will rectify this situation from now on.  Thanks for being patient and persevering!