Hello piano explorers and parents

It’s already the end of October! Here’s the homework assignment for this week.



Continue to work on Brother John, Ode to Joy and Jingle Bells. Aim for a steady pulse while you play, and get more familiar with finding the keys CDEFG.


Great job on the Halloween songs. Complete the “learn” mode for difficult songs. Play the exercises from Dozen a Day, and aim for accuracy and steadiness, especially on exercise #2.


Check out the photo below. The stickers indicate the LH keys for Brother John. the RH plays CDEFG.



Start Star Spangled Banner and Oh When the Saints. Great job picking up Heart and Soul playing hands together. Listen carefully to see if the melody matches the chords.


Check your timing in For He’s a Jolly Good Fellow. Although this is a quick-moving song, don’t rush the beginning. Check that you’re not pausing between the bars. In William Tell Overture, think about the accents, and don’t add extra notes in the LH.

Great job everyone. Happy Halloween!