Happy New Year, excelling piano folks!  Great start to the new year with great lessons, all of you!  Now, if you keep up this momentum, who knows where you will be by the end of June!


New book, the Grand Staff, playing with both hands!  I’m very excited to see where your progress may be in the next little while if you keep your New Year’s resolution to practice!  Remember,  always MOVE to the rhythm, keeping a STEADY TEMPO!


You’re so talented and smart, my dear sir.  If you could only find 15 minutes a day to practice, you would race a ahead like nobody’s business!


WOW.  Practice pays off, hey?  You’ve made so much progress since September, your music-reading and musical understanding.  LYRICISM/connecting the notes of the MELODY are key!  You could definitely benefit from a 45 minute lesson, too.  Remind me to talk to your dad next week!


The first lesson for the new year was fun!  Now, DO YOUR HOMEWORK!  Browse songs on YouTube on your iPad at your piano, finding songs that you feel you can figure out, then write the song and artist names down of your choices in your notebook, and we will start working on them next week!