Awesome lessons, today, folks!  Please don’t be overwhelmed with the scope of all that is involved to make music.  One step at a time.  Music is a meditational practice!


Yay!!  Got cello, soon to have method book.  After you resin the bow and tune each day, practice the down and up bow strokes on each string as I showed you, moving your body (with an engaged core) as you play!

Minutes to practice: 30 minutes per day


Great first lesson, you and I are alike in many ways so learning the piano should be smooth-sailing.  Just, don’t overthink it!!  Good posture at the piano, pushing wrists forward as you articulate the keys.  Count out loud as you play, MOVING to the strong beats.

Minutes to practice:  As much as you can!
What to practice: ‘When the Saints’ from Piano Adventures Level 2 Lesson Book
How to practice it most effectively: As above!