Oscar – Practice the stride pattern through the 12 bar blues progression. Bounce from the root to the 5th with the bass note. Think of each voice moving as little as possible. Also, transcribe as much as you can of the first 50 seconds of Red Garland on C Jam Blues. It’s available on YouTube.

Avril – Play all the diatonic triads (I-ii-iii-IV-V-vi-viio) in all 12 major keys. Practice and ANALYZE Autumn Leaves. If there’s any part that confuses you (why is this chord here?), write down your question or write an asterisk on the lead sheet so we can talk about it.

Julie – Practice voice leading with the rules written on your notes. IV-V-I progressions in as many major keys as you can. Work on all the repertoire you have. Figure out the chords and come up with a basic accompaniment for “Ah! Vous Dirai-je, Maman”.

Kristin – Lift Hank Jones’ solo on Autumn Leaves. Try to figure out why he made the musical decisions he did. What scale was he thinking of over each chord? If there is a note that doesn’t seem to belong, why is it there? Any motifs or sequences? Identify. Write down any questions you have. Also, practice playing the melody while punctuating with rootless chord voicings.