Hi Shakira! Nice to meet you today.

Remember that piano keys come in black in white, and the black keys come in groups of two and three. “C” is the white key that comes before the group of three black keys.

Practice your finger numbers, and please get your book this week!

See you next week!



Hi Madison.

Please practice the songs after Oom-pa-pa in the Alfred’s Piano book 1b that we worked on in our lesson today.

For voice, please practice When the Saints Go Marching, Land of the Silver Birch, Michael Row Your Boat Ashore, and Colours. Good work on If I Only Had a Brain today!

Aim for 15 minutes of practice four times this week! Good luck!



Good work today Osten. Keep working on the songs from Alfred’s 1b that we worked on today.

Keep up the good practice habits.

See you next week!