Hello Piano Explorers and Parents

Hope everyone is having a good week so far. Mark Sunday May 15, 2016 as ABC Recital day!

Keep reading for the homework this week.


Oh Susanna: look for the repeating notes (highlighted).  Complete the direction worksheet by following the notes going up or down, and going forward or backward in the alphabet.

All Together Now: review this week

Old Macdonald: new.  Aim for the left hand chord notes (they are colour coded)

complete the direction worksheet this week and bring back for next week.

Starfish At Night: great job! Keep working on a steady pulse (3 beats per measure). Play the lowest C on the keyboard.

Sneaky Sam: play both pages. Listen for a nice, crisp staccato.

A Little Joke: new. Follow the direction of movement  for both hands.



Simple Gifts: wonderful work today! Keep this as a review piece.

Fur Elise: check your left hand chords (especially the one where you play G and B).

For next week, please purchase : Royal Conservatory of Music Prep B repertoire book (yellow cover with a piano)



Keep up the good work everyone. It’s great when we can make some progress week after week.