Thank you Amy for coming to your violin lesson on Thanksgiving weekend! Here is your homework for the week.

Amy, please practice a few Wohlfahrt studies to become more familiar with 3rd position.

Practice studies ( in your little book) to help with learning to shift between 1st and 3rd position.

Studies: Fair Isle (excerpt). First position to 3rd position.

Shifting is just like doing a long jump. So, just before going into 3rd position the weight on 1st finger f# is slightly exaggerated…then release 1st finger and thumb….land on 1st finger A in 3rd position. Practice slowly to get a feel for distance of forearm movement.

Downward shift same as before, exaggerating weight on 1st finger A…release 1st finger A and thumb…land on 1st finger F# in 1st position.

Gym study: springboard like action …release ( is the same as in previous study). Shifting upward: 3rd finger D from 1st position…release on open A…land on 1st finger D in 3rd position. Shift on open A string!

Ostinello’s Reel study….faster shifting between 1st and 3rd position. Shift on open A string. Give slight accent in bowarm on upbows.

Also practice D major scale 2 octaves), octave study ( excerpt) and Geminiani exercise to develop open hand position.

Vivaldi: Intonation is much better. Good work!

mark the half steps ( semitones) in your music. Also put in any fingerings to help you with playing notes in 3rd position.

Play first three notes with energetic bow stroke. Listen for resonance on 3rd finger A and D. Check 1st finger D ( 3rd position) with open D string. Also check 4th finger D ( 3rd position- E string) with open D.

Next lesson we will do some sight reading in 3rd position and look at score to your Vivaldi piece. Happy practicing.

Looking forward to seeing you Sunday!