Luke borrowed a bass method from the school and he should read it up to page 13. He should write down – at a separated piece of paper – all concepts he has questions about. On next lesson we will be starting from there. He should also practice the bass line to the intro, verse and pre chorus of Superstition. Focus on the pre chorus riff.


Frida should play Ode to joy. She should say the names of the notes while playing it. And read it instead of trying to learn the song by heart. Her right hand should alternate between index and middle fingers, always leaning on the respective upper string when she plays a note. E.g. if she plays a note on the 1st string she should lean her finger on the second, if she plays a note on the 2nd string she should lean her finger on the third one, and so on. She should also keep on practicing both parts – verse and chorus – to Yellow submarine.


You should play the pentatonic scale – minor and major. At first, play the notes consecutively – ascendant and descendantly – and then in groups of three notes – as triplets. Focus on the distance between the two shapes – 1 1/2 steps. Use fingers #1 & 4 of your left hand to find the starting note of each shape. Finger #1: minor shape, finger #4: major shape.  Once you have done that, you should apply the proper fingering of each one of the scales to play them.


Veronika should practice As tears go by, the whole song. Her main focus should be on the fingerstyle technique. She should try not to move her right hand too much while playing. She should also play the Sound of Music suggested songs’ melodies. Please bring the Sound of music book next week.