Warm-Up: Sacha should play the double 3rd warm-up hands together. His left hand stays in the piano playing position easily, but his right hand has a tendency to flatten out as he plays. I ask he pay special attention to his right hand while he’s playing this exercise, stopping to correct it as he goes. If he needs to play slower so that both hands and fingers stay curved, he should do so.

Intermezzo: I’d like Sacha to work on section A hands together. He should go as slowly as he needs to in order to play every note correctly. I would like him to try and push through the sections he finds problematic, and we will take a closer look at them in the lesson next week. I would like him to try and learn the whole section A for next week. It doesn’t need to be fast, just accurate!

Sacha should play for 15 minutes every day.


This week we worked on Jazz Blast hands together and I’d like Nelly to review it for this week so that she can play the whole thing without mistakes! Here are a couple suggestions I made during the lesson:

  • write in your music to help remember to use the left hand in the second line of the piece (circle it, put an X over the silent right hand, etc) instead of playing the right hand.
  • don’t start over when you make a mistake! Start from the beginning of the line, or the bar before the mistake happened. You will save time in correcting the problem areas.
  • Watch the music as you play!

Nelly should play for 5 minutes every day! I also gave her some new songs she could look at if she wants some variety this week.


This week, Zoe should review Little Lost Kitty, the song we looked at during the lesson. It uses C, D, and E on the keyboard. In the lesson I said the note names as we played the song. I suggest Mom or Nelly help Zoe by doing the same thing while she’s playing. I’d like to hear Zoe play the song all by herself next week.

She should play for 5 minutes every day!