Hey everyone, here is the homework for this week.


  • Keep focusing on staying (a BIT) looser with your embouchure. If you are having issues with squeaking, or notes not projecting, this is probably the issue.
  • Practice A major scale and F# minor scale (harmonic, melodic, and natural). Try to pay as much attention to the arpeggio and thirds as you do to the scales.
  • Work on the two Galper pieces we discussed. Remember – you want to aim to articulate the notes in the upper register like you are below the break.
  • Keep working on the first and second Rose etudes. Try slowing the first etude down to 55 to clean things up a little bit. Watch out for the rhythms we discussed.


  • Practice A major and the new scale we worked on – Eb major, both at 60 bpm, half notes, along with the arpeggios.
  • Take the “A” Train – focus on the “A” section first (the first eight bars). Work out the snaky-sections with the eighth notes. Once this sounds good and you can play it in time, focus on the “bridge” section.
  • Remember what we talked about re: thumb positioning. Make sure when you go to hit the register key that you aren’t accidentally moving your thumb off of the hole.


  • Keep working on A major scale and arpeggio with metronome at 60 bpm, quarter notes.
  • Blue Monk – practice playing the notes of each chord (C, F, and G) as quarter notes. Then, practice the scale we looked at with the extra note in C, F, and G. Try practicing the different permutations we discussed.


  • Camille should be practicing the major scales that we’ve been working on.
  • Pink Pather – Watch out for the timing, and rhythms. Make sure she’s counting each beat.