Dear students and parents,

It was a real pleasure to meet three students for the first time today, each of whom are so lovely in their own unique way, and with whom I look forward to working again next week!

This week’s homework notes:


Lovely playing Madison, don’t be afraid of staccato, the piano’s keys are burning coals, get your hands off as quick as you can so we can all hear the difference between the detached notes and staccato notes (notes with a dot over them). Practice 10 min a day, take 2-3 min in C position alternating between legato playing, detached playing and *super* staccato playing before moving on to your piece. :)


Great work Melody, work on your new piece, watch your counting in 3/4, especially, good job keeping your pinkies up, practice this way at home too! No more than 15 min should be necessary, quality over quantity, keep your fingers on their tips, keep your hand stable without bouncing wrists. Careful not to get off repeated notes too early, hold each note for its full value.


Wonderful work Juliette, feel free to put red dots on your fingertips! ;) Also watch that you keep your round hand shape “rigid”, don’t let your wrist drop as you play, this leads you to play with too soft fingers. Remember what we said about holding the LH whole notes the whole bar and only lifting together with the RH at the end of the bar. In Lavender’s Blue, be careful not to “leak” the LH into the RH and vice versa, keep the rests very clean.


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