Grade 1/2

What we did this week:

We introduced a new song today! The Clown (French Folk Song) and we also began learning the G minor melodic scale two octaves.

What work is to be done this weekend:

A lot of intonation work needs to be done for the G minor melodic scale. Please also review The Clown A section rhythm. Please print off The Clown from the ABC website.

What are we doing next week?

We will be continuing to work on the Clown and introducing the B section of the piece. We will be introducing the G minor harmonic scale and the G minor arpeggio.

How much time should your student be practicing each day?

Two 15 minute sessions one focusing on the scale and the other to focus on The Clown.

How can you help your child?

Please ensure your child has their own copy of The Clown which can be downloaded and printed from the ABC Website. To help with rhythm work you can provide your child with either a metronome or a metronome application that may be downloaded on a smart device.