Happy practicing everyone! For those of you collecting stickers remember you need to practice 5 days to get one sticker. Practice 7 Days and you get a smelly sticker!


At home fill in the counting for I just can’t wait to be king. Remember after each measure you start at 1 again. 1+2+3+4+

Work through whole song this week and be sure to play using both hands. Always count out loud as you play at home.

Remember to bring your notebook and other piano books to class next week.



Practice C major scale 5 times every day both hands together.

Remember to bring piano books next week as well as a notebook so you can collect stickers!

Also work on your improv this week on the piano. Try in C major and G major. Look for a beat online to play along with. Next week we will record in class.



Remember to practice with recording as much as you can. Always start a practice session with a warm up. Try the techniques we tried in class like the wall trick or lifting the piano to help keep you grounded and prevent you from raising your shoulders. Always breath through your mouth and not through your nose when you start singing.

This week with Automne, go through counting and rhythm to make sure you have everything correct. 1st fill in counting, next clap and count, then add text, then add singing on a vowel then add the words while keeping a steady tempo and then the pitches.



This week we are starting a new song young hunter. Remember to fill in the counting and count and clap the rhythm. Fill in your notebook to get stickers for next week.

You can also try out Improv this week using c,d,e,f,g. Have fun with this.


Piano = Country song, play through the whole song this week. 1st fill in the counting, then clap through the rhythm then play and count out loud. Remember all the tied notes.

Puff the magic dragon = Fill in the counting and follow the steps to learning a song. Try out the 1st page of this song.

Theory = pg 8,9

Voice = Print out new songs, either in lead sheet, sheet music or lyric and chord versions. Practice in front of the mirror to make sure you don’t hunch over. Think about the string that guides you upwards. Also watch for fidgeting while singing. Stay calm and open and ready to sing.