Director’s Note

Hello Everyone!

Jay has started a Master’s in Music this autumn, which is very exciting, but has developed a conflict due to courses that were not finalized in the University’s schedule until just over a week ago.

Trevor has graciously agreed to cover for him until the end of December, at which time we expect Jay to resume teaching.

If you have any questions, please call the office.


Thank you!



Hi Everyone,

Thanks for a great start to the year! ¬†Looking forward to continuing to work with everyone in Jay’s absence.

Here are your Assignments for this week:

Declan – Thriller by Michael Jackson & Bass Technique/Position(4) 5 min/day

Sam – New idea/start to a song to work on next week.

Griffin – “Logical” as in rock band – play guitar 5 min/day

Anna – “Believer” by Imagine Dragons with Long&Short notes, play guitar 10 min/day

Have a good week!