Hi Everyone,

Here are your assignments for the week:

Declan – 15 min/day on Moon River, aim to commit what we’ve learned so far to memory.

Lucien – 10 min/day on Mary Had A Little Lamb, would be best if he could get some practice checking notes on the staff with his “answer key,” and saying letter names out loud as he learns to recognize them.

Griffin – 10 min/day on Space Oddity, keep your right hand moving up and down with the rhythm and strike the strings only when there’s a chord to play.

Sam – 15 min/day on Saturday Nights, and Stand By Me, count the rhythm we learned in class (1, 2+, 3, 4), recognize where it appears in each song.

Augustin – 10 min/day on Hot Crossed Buns and Mary Little Lamb, say your note names aloud as you play them on guitar.

Leah – 10 min/day on True Colors and playing through the chords we wrote in class.

Have a good week!