I love it when my students give all they can during the lessons, and practice regularly during the week.  Great job, guys!


Woohoo!!!  Got swing-time down, MOVING to the rhythm!  Your recital piece (hopefully, if you can make it)!  And, you learned ‘Take Me Out to the Ball Game’ in no time!  Keep it up, Sam!


Remember to LISTEN to not only the TONE of each melodic note you play (striving to make them as beautiful and interesting as possible), but to connect them in an overarching storyline that brings each piece (and technique) to life!


You’ve got one piece almost ready for the recital, now practice the other pieces in SLOW MOTION until you’re able to play them from beginning to end, correctly, WITHOUT stopping!  Isolate the troublesome spots, and work on them until you can play them with ease.


Good lesson, though you must practice more if you want to truly progress.  Bring your iPad to the lesson for the next few weeks so I can show you how to practice the songs with YouTube at home.