Good lessons this week, guys.  But remember, you have to do the practicing if you want to make progress with piano.  I can’t do that for you!


Your ‘moving to the rhythm’ of the pieces you are playing has improved considerably since we started in the summer, Ian, but you’ve just begun.  Sometimes the movement on the strong beat in the bar is VERY ENERGETIC with a fast impulse.  Do not be afraid to explore and challenge yourself!


So you’re bored and lonely when you practice with your Grandma in the room, but when your Mom is there, you don’t like it because she gets after you when it doesn’t sound right.  How about, just practice properly when you are alone with your Grandma, then when you practice in front of your Mom, she will be impressed and stop nattering at you?!  Just a thought.. ;)


Great second cello lesson!!  Work on open strings (one string at a time, then double stops), full bow (from frog to tip), moving to/counting the 1-2-3-4 rhythm as you play, playing near the bridge, getting a smooth and even sound.  Your engaged core and bow hand have to be in sync.  Then pizzicato the first position, walking between your four fingers on each string.


Don’t be afraid to make a big sound as you play!  How to make a big sound might you ask?  Strengthen both your core/torso and playing apparatus as you articulate — moving with your body — to give momentum and breadth to the SOUND!!!