Great lessons, today, folks.  Practice makes perfect, the ball is now in your court!


Making great progress on your newer songs, now just be able to play them through without stopping!  Then, apply the same good practicing techniques to your older songs, and don’t rely on your ear to know what is indicated on the page — force yourself to read the music to figure out what and how to play.


Remember, the left P.A. should ALWAYS be in the form of an arch (until going into thumb position), transferring the applied weight of your arm from playing finger to playing finger, so that the sound of the plucked or bowed string continues until the next plucked or bowed string.  And, buy a squeegee ball and use it as often as you can!


Please practice your piano playing in slow motion, and singing according to the rhythm written on the page!  No cheating!!  A person with great talent should not let that talent go to waist.  And, practice your piece other than ‘Beauty and the Beast’ with the metronome.