Hello Pedro, Kaden, Alejandro, and Ella,

good to see you all and progression. Here is the homework until we meet next time.

Pedro- I hope you’re doing well and keep practicing last materials.

Kaden- Good to see the progression; however, you need to practice much slowly than you thought. When you practice, try to aim perfect with slow tempo. Remember that slows makes perfect and it makes faster. Keep practicing the note division exercises. In addition, we learned basic simple rock beat. Remember that there are strong and weak pattern when you hit hi-hat. In addition, when it comes to kick bass drum. You need to use entire right foot. To clarify, you need to lift your right foot and STUMP on it so that the bass drum produce the big sound. You could practice with your movement of leg and imagine the bass drum. REMEMBER that practice slow as much as possible~ Aiming 45 daily and I would like to see slow but good progression.

Alejandro- Well done the previous homework! Today we learned funky beat. Practice slowly and count steadily just like how you played during the lesson. Keep focus and work hard! Aim 30 minute daily.

Ella- Good to see your progression Ella. It was good to see your performing We Will Rock You and well done with open hi-hat technique. Keep working on it! Today we learned variation of 16 notes. Remember that count is very important. This exercise will eventually help you to build drum fill. Over the holiday and new year break, try to listen with your family “Hotel California”. It is one of the famous tune in the world and it is contrast mood than “We Will Rock You.” Aim 30-40 daily.


Have a wonderful and happy holiday and happy new year~