Good job today, guys and gal, (for the most part;)!  Now is the time to start catching up with your practicing during the holidays.  When you’re bored, think — PIANO!!!


Good lesson, now put what we covered into practice!!  Remember to lower your piano bench at home to the level we discovered today that suits you best.  Circular motions with your wrists and arms while holding down long-held keys, and ALWAYS keep your six-pack engaged.


Well, you’re developing quite the sense of humor, but your attention for serious piano work has been decreasing.  And, one practice session per week does not cut it!  You’re so talented, Alex.  Please, do not let this talent go to waste.


2 out of 3 Green Stars!!!  Way to go, buddy.  Now, aim for 3 Green Stars in the New Year, which includes practicing the excellent way you did this past week, throughout the holidays.  Please have your Mom cut your fingernails so that almost no ‘white’ is showing, TWICE per week.  This will allow you to play on your fingertips as your CLAWS (shape of hand with curved fingers) walk from key to key.  Also, always practice and play your pieces at a STEADY TEMPO (speed).  See you in the New Year!!!