Keep practicing the two pieces from last week, “Traffic Jam Seconds” and “This is Not Jingle Bells”. Particularly, “This is Not JIngle Bells” is a good song to play over the holidays. Today we focused on “Runaway Rabbit”. Remember to hold the half notes for two whole beats. Clapping the rhythm is a good way to practice this, and remember to clap the rhythm and practice at slower tempos. This will make it easier for you to make sure everything is right before we try to play it faster. Also, remember to use your sheet with all of the notes to help you figure out the notes of “Runaway Rabbit” if you forget. You can always figure out the notes using the sheet when I’m around, but let me challenge you to do it at home on your own over the break!


Keep working on the G Major scale to make sure it is completely comfortable in your fingers. For “French Lullaby”, it’s clear that you have learned the notes well – work on making it completely comfortable with the two hands together. In order to do this, you also have to practice hands separately in addition to hands together. Practice shifting between G and C Positions with the left hand – that’s the trickiest part of the piece. For your new piece, “Sonatina”, we focused on the left hand today. Because the right hand part is much easier, see if you can put the hands together at home – but remember to also practice hands separately! I’ll check to see how much you can do on your own over the break.