Warm up : C, G, and D  major scales and triads

New pieces : Ice – cream (C position)

More ice- cream (G position)

The Elf’s silver hammer – RH  in high C position

Fur Elise by memory  – practise each hand seperately until in even beat, then try hands together in slower tempo

(try to practise 15 – 20 minutes a day)



Warm up : 5 finger scales : C, D , E, F and G

Pieces: Hot air balloon

Boat bridge

Jogging dog

Night owl


Autumn Leaves

Our snowman

Christmas trees

By memory : Rudolph the rednose reindeer

  • say the names of the notes as you play them to help you remember

(try to practise 10  minutes a day)



Warm up : C , G, D, and A major scales and triads

Pieces: Captain Hook – LH in low C position

Almost like a dream – a minor ( both hands)

By memory : Jingle bells

Rudolph the red nose reindeer

(try to practise 15 minutes a day)



Warm up : C, G major scales and triad

– try in parallel and contrary motion

Pieces : Captain Hook – follow the syncopated rhythm  – RH

Sounds from the gumdrops factory – LH in a low C position

Spanish Caballero – arpeggios : A, G, F, E (watch for G sharp)

By memory : Glad cat rag

– keep tempo evenly

– have both hands in the ready position to start

(try to practise 15 minutes a day)







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