Hello Ezra and Elora,

good to see you all and see some progression. Here are the homework for we meet next time.

Ezra- Keep practicing the last material: interaction between playing and counting with 8th notes and 16 notes. REMEMBER that practice SLOWLY AND ACCURACY! When I ask you show what have been practice, you show me the practice materials that are accuracy and clean performing. It shows to me whether¬† you understood the materials clearly or not. We learned today the funky drum beat. Make sure practice slowly and count while you’re playing. In addition, see your hand movement while you’re playing. The best way to look yourself is recording a video through your video or ask your parents to help with so that you could re-watch. PLEASE do the assignment as I said so!

PARENTS NOTE- Although Ezra shows what he practiced, he doesn’t always appear to practice the work outlined for him in these posts. Please be sure to ask him a few times a week if he did all of the things he was supposed to, and if he understood everything. If not, please encourage him to ask questions in his lesson about the work- or- you can also call the ABC office to have them pass on how I can make it easier for him. Thank you!

Elora- Please re practice the double kick and listen “We Will Rock You”. Elora understood the material, but she haven’t listen the song enough to understand the drum pattern. It would be great parents or siblings could help Elora finding pulse and playing the material together. Aiming 30 minute daily. In addition, PLEASE help Elora to bring the materials that I gave to her during the lesson with the drum sticks!. Thank you


Happy Holiday and Happy New Year!!