Hello everyone,

good to see some progression, but need to keep work hard with the assignments. Here are the assignments for this week;

Ezra- Practice the paradiddle pattern of drum beat and keep practicing the single, double, and paradiddle. Aim 30 min daily.

Elora- We learned 16th notes drum beats. Make sure count and PLEASE practice 30 minute daily. If you have a hard time due to school assignments, practice at least 15 minute daily. In addition, PLEASE bring all the materials with the binder and drum stick as well!!!

Isobel- Happy to see your progression and keep working hard. We learned some extra bass drum beats which hit on 2 and and 4 and. Practice slowly and aim to play smoothly. In addition, try to make your own strategy which exercise you would like to start with. For example, you could plan as first line, second line, second line, first line, and the drum fill.  Ewan, nanny, or parents could help her plan to understand the beats.

Happy Practice~~