Another good set of lessons today, guys, but remember — you only progress as much as you practice!!


Analyze every inch (literally) of your pieces AS YOU LEARN THEM!!  Not in hindsight.  This way you won’t have to relearn the piece over again (and break a few bad habits along the way).  Find out where the strong beats are, and play accordingly.  FINGERINGS!!!  And, correct articulation!!


Good progress practicing this past week.  Please be ready to perform ‘Tarantella’ for me next week!  Remember, your ENTIRE (upper) BODY should be involved in playing, doing a dance while you articulate.  And, to make EVERY MELODIC note SING, no matter how fast it is.


PRACTICE, PRACTICE, (focused) PRACTICE, at least 45 minutes per day.  This is required if you want to ‘bridge the gap’ because of the lack of musical education as a youth.  First pizz. (plucking the string), then arco (with bow).


After you get your new (and better) cello, please practice the exercises I demonstrated today.  And, remember to bring your study book to every lesson from now on!


THANK YOU for cutting your fingernails for today’s lesson.  PLEASE, NO LONGER THAN THIS, and shorter if you can.  Keeping them this short allows one to play on their fingertips, which is essential for playing the piano correctly!!


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