Hello Kaden, Sebastian, and Ella,

good to see your progression and here is the assignment for this week.

Kaden: Good to hear that now you play on steady tempo! Keep working on it! We learned 3 against 2 , poly-rhythm, today. I know it is a hard, but you almost got it. Make sure practice slowly and keep working on Seven Nations Army. Also, do the exercise of alternative between 8th notes and 16 notes. When you play 8th notes, you count 16th notes, whereas when you play 16th notes, you count 8th notes. Aim 1 hour daily.

Sebastian: Good work with the bouncing stroke, but keep working on it! You improved better than last time. We learned today musical terms; meter, note division (Whole, Half, Quarter, and Eighth notes). Please do the exercise that I gave it today and practice slowly. When you practice, count first then start to play. Counting is very important. Aim 30 minute daily.

Ella: Good progression, but you have to relax. Listen song more so that your brain and ear are get used to it. Practice up to bars where we worked on and hope to see a good progression. Aim 45 daily.


Happy Practice~