Hello Kaden, Sebastian, and Ella,

good to see you all and here is the assignment for this week. Sorry for late update due to internet connection.

Kaden- We played the drum along with “Seven Nations Army”. Listen the song as much as you can and try to sing it while you are trying to play along. It is hard at beginning to listen and play together, but you will get there. Also, it is good to do that mark enterance or key point while listening the music. Aim 1 hour daily.

Sebastian- Glad to meet you and please practice the stroke carefully and accuracy. Maintain the triangle shape while you are hitting the drum and your upper palsms always have to look up sky. Please buy a drum stick and pad. In addition, bring a binder with the materials. It will be accumilative. Aim 30 minute daily.

Ella- Good work with flam technique! Keep working hard and we learned variation drum fills while playing main drum beats of Hotel California. Listen the song as much as you can and try to speed up the drum beats and fills as well. You are almost there :) Aim 45 minute daily.


Happy Practice~