Hello Ezra, Elora, Isobel, and Ewan,

here are the assignments for this week. Sorry for update the homework post late. I had an internet connection issue from both school and home.

Ezra- You have two assignments which are one hand sixteen notes drum beats and drum rudiments: single, double, paradiddle. Practice slowly with accuracy. Remember that you MUST practice the material that we learned. Aim 45minute daily.

Elora- Elora we learned open hi-hat technique. Practice slowly and keep your main body balance evenly. Do not move back when you kick bass drum or when you do open hi-hat. Also, it will be great that sister or brother could help her to play consistent. Elora has a bit struggle with playing steady. Finally, buy a drum stick and bring a binder with all materials that I gave you!! Do not forget it!!

Isobel- We learned simple drum beat. Practice slowly all the motions, such as right foot and two hands motions. Aim 30 minute daily. Also, bring a binder with all thr material that I gave you. Do not forget!!

Ewan- Pleasure to meet you and  keep practicing the stick stroke. You are almost got the motion of how to stroke sticks on the drum. REMEMBER that practice slowly and see how your motion of dominant hand. Then, immitate the same motion with other hand. It is important to feel bounce.Do not hit with forcing. Aim 30 minute daily.